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Everything arrived safely , in excellent condition - The Pigment Inks look very close to our oem ink and it also works fine for me. Many thanks.

—— Ed Walker - USA

We received the paper in good condition- We like the Luster paper, the quality is really like the original Epson paper, we'd like to your exclusivity.

—— Brad - USA

We are doing very good with your inks PFI-701 and 706 for Canon plotters. Please share me other compatible inks and media for Canon, HP and Roland.

—— Nedal Odeh - U.A.E

We received all the packages. Everything is as expected. 260gr premium luster paper works perfectly on our Epson 9900. We'll have a good order. Thanks

—— CharlesD from Canada

Yours RC satin/luster papers & Synthetic paper have been tested. It went overall very well. Thank you!!

—— Hide.K - Japan

We've printed 410gsm matte cotton canvas and 260gsm poly canvas for photo reproduction on Canon iPF8300. Very ideal results. I like it! Thank U.

—— Milan Pol - Italy

QC profil

Profil Kontrol Kualitas:


Quality Control is the most important procedure during our whole production. Kontrol Kualitas adalah prosedur paling penting selama seluruh produksi kami. To ensure quality for clients' satisfaction and competitive power, we adopt only best raw materials available. Untuk memastikan kualitas demi kepuasan klien dan daya saing, kami hanya mengadopsi bahan baku terbaik yang tersedia. This fundamentally helps to outstand our products performing more brilliant on color gamut, color expression, durability, and stability. Ini pada dasarnya membantu untuk mengungguli produk-produk kami yang tampil lebih cemerlang pada gamut warna, ekspresi warna, daya tahan, dan stabilitas. From R & D to testing center, we are equipped with most advanced devices and professional staffs to keep up with the latest printing technology development. Dari R & D ke pusat pengujian, kami dilengkapi dengan perangkat paling canggih dan staf profesional untuk mengikuti perkembangan teknologi pencetakan terbaru. Each procedure during the production is strictly controlled at different levels and standards. Setiap prosedur selama produksi dikontrol secara ketat pada tingkat dan standar yang berbeda. We stably offer good services with honesty and ethusiasm. Kami secara stabil menawarkan layanan yang baik dengan kejujuran dan ethusiasme. We cherish you as a partner based upon the premium quality. Kami menghargai Anda sebagai mitra berdasarkan kualitas premium.


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We introduce original OEM printers, such as Epson, Canon, HP, Roland, to process the printing test for our inkjet media and inks. Kami memperkenalkan printer OEM asli, seperti Epson, Canon, HP, Roland, untuk memproses uji cetak untuk media dan tinta inkjet kami. We usually print with original inks and Imatec inks to see the color expression, color gamut, durability, stability, scratch resistant etc. Through the printing test, the printout with original inks and printout with Imatec inks are similar. Kami biasanya mencetak dengan tinta asli dan tinta Imatec untuk melihat ekspresi warna, gamut warna, daya tahan, stabilitas, tahan gores dll. Melalui tes pencetakan, cetakan dengan tinta asli dan cetakan dengan tinta Imatec serupa.



Imatec Digital Co.,Ltd kontrol kualitas 1 Identifikasi Profil ICC
ICC profile is a good way to evaluate the color accuracy of the printout. Profil ICC adalah cara yang baik untuk mengevaluasi keakuratan warna hasil cetak. We adopt the Xrite advice to creat and identify the ICC profile for our inkjet paper and inks. Kami mengadopsi saran Xrite untuk membuat dan mengidentifikasi profil ICC untuk kertas dan tinta inkjet kami. The ICC of us is very close to those originals of Canon/ Epson, so people who use our inkjet paper and inks usually have no need to creat new profile when swift from OEM to ours. ICC kita sangat dekat dengan aslinya Canon / Epson, sehingga orang yang menggunakan kertas dan tinta inkjet kita biasanya tidak perlu membuat profil baru ketika beralih dari OEM ke kita.









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"Quality Assurance" is the most important competitiveness of our company. "Jaminan Kualitas" adalah daya saing paling penting dari perusahaan kami. We focus a lot more enegy on quality management. Kami fokus lebih banyak pada manajemen kualitas. Company is the place in creation of products, also it is a place to creat honesty. Perusahaan adalah tempat dalam menciptakan produk, juga merupakan tempat untuk menciptakan kejujuran. We respect each client to supply you each assurance here, and build up win-win partnership. Kami menghormati setiap klien untuk memberikan Anda setiap jaminan di sini, dan membangun kemitraan yang saling menguntungkan. 







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